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Account Locked: MFA Resets Requests

MFA Reset Request Process

The aim of this FAQ is to help both you and us in handling MFA resets request in a more convenient and faster way. Please do follow this steps once you need to make such request

If you are using a free plan

  • Send @konrad.sopala a private message with your tenant name, email of a user you request the reset for and tenant admin email address describing what happened
  • After we receive it and do some checks we’ll need to confirm you identity
  • Once it’s confirmed on behalf of you we’ll open a support ticket and someone from our Developer Support Team will do the final reset for you

If you are a paying customer (developer, developer pro, enterprise plans)

  • Open a support ticket filling every info that you feel is needed, describing what happened and attaching your tenant name and tenant admin email address
  • From then on someone from Developer Support Team will confirm your identity and handle the rest for you.

Thank you for your co-operation!