Guardian - There was an error sending the SMS


I’m currently having trouble with this error → “Guardian - There was an error sending the SMS”. I’m not sure what is the cause that above message is all i can find in the logs.
My scenario is I’m making the user enrollment from the first login after enabling MFA for a particular user. Not sending any external mails for that purpose. And I’m only giving SMS option for MFA.
But the weird thing is it works for just one number. And also this happens when only i integrate my Twilio account for the SMS services. When i use the free version, i.e the free messages provided by guardian it works fine.
Can anyone help me with this matter ? or is this a bug ?

Thanks in advance.

Hey there @shehan.f, I apologize for the delay in responding so late.

If this particular user is still battling MFA issues I would be happy to assist. If you could please direct message me the user’s username/email paired with the tenant name we can take a look at what is different about that particular user to begin with. I also have included for reference our MFA Reset Request FAQ topic.

I understand that this topic was generated quite some time ago so I will keep this topic open for 10 days just in case this is a hurdle you are still facing. Thank you.

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