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We use this category to announce the release of new features.


Report bugs about the platform in general, dashboard and the apis.

Community Corner

General discussion about Auth0, this forum (what it is, how we can improve it), and other topics, like favorite movie franchise (Star Wars vs. LOTR vs. The Matrix of course).

Show Your Auth0

Share cool widgets, gadgets, robots, etc that you have built using Auth0 products and services like Lock, Extend, Webtask, and more!


Ask questions and discuss the SDKs at Auth0, identified by popular platform or general.


This category is to be used to discuss the Auth0 API v2. If you think you found a bug please use the Bugs category.


This category is for discussions about JWTs.

Feature Request

Suggest, propose and discuss new features here. Help us to move the platform forward!

OpenID Connect / OAuth2

Discussion of OpenID Connect (OIDC) and OAuth2 technologies and their implementation at Auth0.