Can no longer login to Auth0

I have an account on Auth0 but unfortunately my yubikey got reset. Now I when I try to login to auth0 I get the message

"Verify Your Identity

Make sure your Security Key is nearby. Once you continue, you will be prompted to use it."

Since mine got reset this always fails. I have the backup codes from when I setup the yubikey however there is no option to use these codes anywhere. My admin tried to reset my MFA but this only reset the MFA of the app we use Auth0 for and not Auth0 itself. I tried contacting support but it seems like you can only contact sales and they have not responded to me. How can I gain access to my account again?

NOTE: This is when logging into Auth0 itself not an app that uses Auth0.

Hi @marnix_lenoble,

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Please follow the instruction in this doc: