Locked out of Auth0 account

So I’ve been locked out of my account. I tried to enable MFA a while ago, but my phone camera didn’t work so I just saved my recovery code and tried to use that. But it was freaking out around then and I got multiple codes, I kept the most recent one but it doesn’t work for some reason.

I tried to contact auth0 on twitter and they redirected me here

Good morning @ashrantkohli and welcome to the Auth0 Community!

We have an a FAQ on how to handle MFA resets, please follow the guidelines below and let us know if you have any questions. Thanks!

Hey James,

I can’t open a support ticket because the button isn’t there on your support page.
I have the support center page open here and the only options are talk to sales and ask our community

There appears to be a support ticket already open for this request. I will hold off and let the support team take point on performing this MFA reset at this juncture. Thank you for your patience as they get this resolved.

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