How can I ask to reset

Happy to be now part of this community and I hope someone can help me.

As the administrator of the account, I was able to use y=the dashboard to add/remove users to our PIM application.
I forgot to setup the MFA and last Monday, in a hurry, I have missed to copy the ‘recovery code’.
Now, I cannot access to the platform anymore.

s I am the onmy admin account, how could I ask for a reset of my MFA and recovery code please ?

Reset User Multi-Factor Authentication and Recovery Codes (

Hi @nadocc,

Welcome to the Auth0 Community!

I understand that you have been locked out of your account because of MFA.

To reset MFA on your account, please send a message to @support with the email address of your account.

Reference: Account Locked: MFA Resets Requests


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