Action required: Multifactor Authentication (MFA) for Auth0 by Okta Administrators

*Updated on February 1, 2024

Hello everyone!

As part of Okta’s focus on Identity security, we wanted to share some guidance on implementing industry standards to help keep your dashboard user accounts secure.

What is changing?

Starting on February 1, 2024, dashboard users for Auth0 Dashboard, Teams, or Auth0 Support Center who use any of the below login methods will be required to complete a Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to login to Auth0:

  • Username and password
  • Google social connection
  • LinkedIn social connection
  • Github social connection
  • Microsoft account social connection

What action do you need to take?

If not already enrolled for MFA, such users would be required to pick one MFA method from the list below and complete the enrollment process before they can login:

  • One-time password with Google Authenticator
  • Push notification using Auth0 Guardian

Already enrolled? Great! You can further secure your account by adding multiple authentication factors — a smart move if you ever lose access to one of the factors.

Additional Resources

Note: Users that are having issues enrolling into MFA should make sure the browser allows popup from

Ready to start using MFA as part of a more secure login flow? You can configure it in your user profile.

Read more about how to configure Multi-Factor Authentication for Dashboard Users.

Need to request an MFA reset? Review this post.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Would this affect end user applications or websites configured to use Auth0?

This change applies to your Auth0 account login and does not impact applications or websites you have configured with Auth0.

2. We use our enterprise IdP connection to access Auth0 dashboards, would we be required to enroll into MFA?

No, this only affects dashboard users using one of the following means to access the Auth0 Apps:

  • Username and password

  • Google social connection

  • Linkedin social connection

  • Github social connection

  • Microsoft account social connection

3. Can I enroll into more than one factor?

Yes, you can add or replace factors by accessing your user profile page. We recommend dashboard users have more than one factor active, this helps if you lose access to one of the factors.

4. What happens if I already have MFA turned on from my social connection account?

Auth0 dashboard will prompt you for MFA every 24 hours. Depending on how frequently your social connection account prompts you for MFA, you might be challenged twice, one by your social connection account and one by the Auth0 Dashboard.

Feel free to comment down below if you have any questions.


I get an error message loading my profile page in Auth0 - I cannot set MFA.

FYI this end point - - returns a 500 Internal Server Error

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When I try to add Auth0 Guardian MFA, I get an error message telling me to try again, and when I do I get a notice saying “You’re adding a new authentication factor in a new window”, even though I’m not.

I receive an error trying to enable any of the MFA options in my profile. Will I not be able to login starting tomorrow? Please help.

I got an error while setting up MFA and now cannot login. I stopped partway through the process (before confirming the backup code). It now asks for my MFA device when logging but then doesn’t recognize it, and gives me no option to use the backup code.

I tried again and I was able to load my profile and setup MFA.

I am also unable to set up MFA; continually getting an error message to 'try again" and this: You’re adding a new authentication factor in a new window”. Also, I’m seeing a endless spinning wheel.


Edited to add: was able to set up MFA but only after attempting to do so via Chrome (rather than Firefox which I was using first).


WTF?! Why do I have to enable MFA when my 3rd party login is already MFA secured? Do we go now from password nightmare deeper into a MFA nightmare and I need to put several MFA tokens for a single login? I should have seen the signs when Okta was buying Auth0 and simply setting up keycloak. What a nightmare!

I am not given an opportunity to set up MFA: can’t pass the login. Already asking me for a one-time code. Can’t log in, thus can’t set up MFA, and MFA is required for login… In a circle.

Anyone else has the similar issue? @rueben.tiow any pointers on how to solve this?

Hey there All,

Users that are having issues enrolling into MFA should make sure the browser allows popup from

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I added it successfully on Chrome browser. I tried on Safari before.

There is no popup during the login process. I am directed to the MFA code entry after I have entered my username/password (see below). No other actions are possible.

Verify Your Identity

Check your preferred one-time password application for a code.

Hi @tech22,

It seems that you would need to request for an MFA reset so that you can configure MFA on your account again.

See Account Locked: MFA Resets Requests.

Hi @kristoffer.hatlevik,

I’m checking in to see if you are still experiencing issues enrolling MFA for the Auth0 Dashboard.

Let us know if you need help with enrolling MFA.


Hello Sir,
I’m facing an access problem, when trying to login to my auth0 account.
It seams that i didn’t setup the MFA when this action was required, what can i do to login and setup MFA for my auth0 account please.

thank you for help.

Hi @lawsonmbuyi,

I have checked your account and noticed that you are already enrolled in MFA. Are you experiencing any issues logging in with MFA?

Please ensure that you use Google to log in, as that’s the method you initially used to sign up and create your account.


Hi @rueben.tiow
I’m facing the same access problem as Mr Lawson Mbuyi. I didn’t set up MFA when this action was required. Could you tell me how to solve this problem, so that i can log in again ?

Thank you for your help

Will this be for Administrators or will this be a requirement for users or both?

Hi @support18,

I see that you have MFA enrolled with multiple factors. In this case, please make sure to log in with your email/password and proceed with your preferred MFA factor.

Keep me posted if you’re still having issues with logging in.


Hi @william.david.d.bunn,

MFA will be required for administrators who log into the Auth0 Dashboard.