Enabling MfA for Dashboard Admins

How do I enable MfA for Dashboard Admins while logging into auth0? I know how to enable within Auth0, but I believe it is for the Client and does not protect logins to auth0. Is this correct?

PS: Probably this question has already been asked. But I did not find it during my search. If it is a duplicate question, please point me to the right link.

I found the answer. In case someone else is looking for it:

Go to Account Settings from the menu on the top right corner. Scroll down to Multifactor. Use Auth0 Guardian App, Google Authenticator or SMS to enable multifactor authentication for Dashboard Admins.

In case the dashboard admin has permission not for All Applications but for only one or more applications, then “Account Settings” isn’t available at all in the upper right menu (at least in our case). How does such a “not-all-applications” dashboard admin activate MFA then?

And maybe even more important: how does such a “not-all-applications” dashboard admin “unroll” (MFA for) a specific device, e.g. when he/she gets a new mobile device?

Please note that this option is now available under ‘View profile’ in the top-right menu.