How to let user enroll in All Multifactor Authentication

The Admin is able to manage it’s own authentication factors, he can enroll in all or un-enroll in all. He has the choice to do it. But why the users do not have that choice. And whenever the user tried to enter the dashboard page via or any similar it redirects to There is no page to enroll the users itself. How is this possible.

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There are 6 types of tenant member roles, and only the Admin of the tenant can configure and manage the multi-factor authentication for all users in the tenant. A tenant can have multiple Admins if you need more than one Admin users to manage MFA.

In the below screenshot you can see the permission of each role.

Does that help? Any other queries we can assist with?

The dashboard here is of the Tenant Member. I am not mentioning here the Auth0 dashboard. I am asking how will the normal user i.e., not the ADMIN, but the one who is accessing your application be able to enroll in ALL the Multifactor. How this can be achieve.

@aduthapa ,

Thank you for the additional context.

For all users to be able to enroll in all Multi-factor Authentication, those factors need to be enabled. This article explains the details.

Once the factors are enabled, all new and existing users who are not enrolled in multi-factor authentication will be required to enroll using one of the enabled factors the next time they log in. This will apply across all applications within your tenant.

Does that answer your query?