Universal Login Page: Enroll with multiple MFA factors


Allow users to enroll with multiple factors at the same time, e.g. TOTP and WebAuthn, when using Auth0’s Universal Login MFA pages (via custom enrollment tickets).


To build an interface to let users manage their own authentication factors, Auth0 customers can either build this interface themselves using various Auth0 management APIs (with know limitations as documented by Auth0) or they can create enrollment tickets to link users to Auth0’s Universal Login Page.

While the later solution is simpler and preferable if the Universal Login Pages are already used, it currently only allows users to enroll with one factor.

If a user is already enrolled, the enrollment ticket link redirects to the following page instead:

Please allow users to be enrolled with multiple factors at the same time (similar to how Auth0 does it, see section below) which is especially useful in combination with WebAuthn, e.g. if users want to enroll with multiple devices (mobile phone and desktop device).


Auth0 customers want to offer a MFA dashboard to their users, e.g. as implemented by Auth0 at manage.auth0.com (user profile page):

Please note that on this Auth0 profile page, it’s already possible to enroll with multiple factors.

So, this feature already exists but doesn’t seem to be enabled or active for Auth0 customers (only for Auth0 themselves).

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Thanks for creating this feedback card! Hope it gets some traction from other community users!