Broken Dashboard Admin MFA

My dashboard admin account seems to be in a broken state.

I was attempting to switch MFA devices… I successfully removed the previous device, but I now have no way to add the new device.

Under Multi-Factor Authentication in my profile, it shows “Recovery code” and “Enrolled using Push Notification and TOTP - Enrollment not complete” with a Finish Enrolling Device option. Clicking Finish Enrolling Device prompts me to log in, which I do using username/password and my current recovery code. I am then given a new recovery code, and returned to my profile with nothing having changed.

Each new MFA login requires me to enter my current recovery code and generates a new one - obvious not ideal!

How do I restore my account to state where I am able to link MFA with a new device?

Hey there @joe.percy!

Welcome to the community! Here’s the solution to your hurdle: