Problems with a password reset link email

I’m trying to incorporate a password reset link email into my flow and found it problematic.
The out-of-the-box provider didn’t work for me, and I had to switch to SendGrid. With SendGrid, I was able to get a few reset password links emailed, and then it just stopped. Unlike with the built-in provider, with SendGrid, I can verify if the email was sent or not, and it looks like Auth0 doesn’t actually trigger the email, or it’s significantly delayed (so far 10 mins over a few hours after and nothing).

I’ve used O365 and Google email addresses. Both have experienced this slow delivery.

Is there something I’m missing, or it’s expected? For example, is there a way to verify an email was sent by the built-in provider or delegated to a custom provider?

Update 1: I finally received the link and it was expired :frowning:

Update 2: I’ve also gone through the following threads that contain related issues

To confirm what I’ve seen earlier, I’ve tried 3 different email addresses on different domains at 11:29 AM local time,, and Only one was delivered, to

From the 3, only one email box was receiving emails consistently, and that’s aligned with what SendGrid (my email provider set in Auth0) is showing

And I’m back to square one, assuming that the @ reducted .com domain worked.
Sending another user with @ reducted .com email address a reset password email has not gone through for over 2 hours and no sign of it in SendGrid logs.

An email has to match the user’s email in the Auth0 database.

I feel embarrassed. A typical PEBCAK situation.

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Thanks for posting an update! Glad you were able to find a resolution.


This is problem, Please help with right solution for same.

Thanks @sean.feldman


This issue was resolved as a mistype. It is unlikely you are having the same issue. Can you please create a new topic explaining your issue?

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