Unwanted delay in "verify your email"-email for some domains

Unwanted delay in “verify your email” for some domains. The delay is usually ~10 minutes but we have observed +1h as well. For some email addresses, the email is received immediately.


  • Use our own Email provider (Mandrill)
  • email addresses that are experiencing delays are set up with G Suite (google) with a third-party DNS host.
  • email contains html, css, link to image (static asset), link to our web app.

From email header of a delayed email (screenshot of analysis attached)

, it seems to me that the delay is on the Google-side? Meaning that auth0 sends the email, mandrill does its thing and then google is delaying before pushing to final destination?

On auth0, when configuring Email provider, there is a heads up:

Heads up! If you are trying to access a service behind a firewall, make sure to open the right ports and allow inbound connections from these IP addresses:

but I do not think it applies to our case as the header analysis suggests that Google is the issue?

RE No verification e-mails sent – yes, the Status switch is ON.

Does anyone have an idea?

Really appreciate the help as email-verification is required to access our app, making it a poor UX for our users.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @gkang,

Thanks for joining us in the Auth0 Community.

I am sorry to hear about the problems you are running into. It looks like the delay is coming from google, but hopefully we can try and find a solution. I can confirm that this amount of delay is not typical.

Have you tried registering from another email domain? Does the same problem still occur?


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@dan.woda I’m experiencing a similar problem with reset password email.