Auth0 Verification Emails taking hours

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This is similar to this topic. I couldn’t find an actionable resolution, so posting here for clarity.

We’ve got Auth0 set up to send a “Verify your email” email and it takes ~2-6 hours for it to arrive. We use the email_verified field in the Auth0 user object to allow the user to take next steps of onboarding.

Since the user does not get this Auth0 verification email, they leave the site and most don’t come back to complete onboarding.

Is there anyway to ensure the Auth0 verification email arrives promptly?

Hi @adrian-fyncom

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At this moment in time our advice on this is that you’ll need to configure a custom email provider, please see this doc for options available to configure this

Might I suggest possibly signing up for a free trial and trying one of the options out, you’ll notice a significant improvement in email delivery.

Let me know if you have any questions on this.
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Hi @SaqibHussain,

I’ve also been having this issue for upwards of a month now. This renders my app effectively useless as the codes arrive far later, and are expired by that time anyway.

I have configured a custom mail provider with Amazon SES which delivers faster, but given the users are coming from a corporate email system, the email fails email security requirements given it’s an “internal email address” coming from an outside source.

I can work internally to try to get this resolved, but that has its own complexity. Is there a known degradation of service for this on the Auth0 side that has been long-running? Minor, intermittent delays seem possible but a long-running multi-hour delay is something different.

Any insights on this?

Hey @rnwolfe

I’m sorry you’ve been having issues with email delivery as a whole. The situation with the built-in provider is this. Auth0 provides customers with a built-in email provider for use in non-production environments to preview email delivery, test templates, etc. This is communicated in our documentation (Customize Emails), but not enforced within the Auth0 Product i.e. you can still use it in production.

The only insight I can share on this right now is that the built-in provider cannot be depended on because of the delays being experienced. Our engineers are aware (because we keep asking them about it) but because it’s not designed to be used in production it isn’t at the top of the priority list.

I can only suggest submitting feedback request here I believe users can then vote on the issue. If there’s enough demand maybe we can push it up the priority list.

I’m sorry I’ve not been able to provide good news on this occasion.

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Thanks for the response and further insight!

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Auth0 provides customers with a built-in email provider for use in non-production environments to preview email delivery, test templates, etc.

This is the gist of what I think is happening. I noticed our mail provider was not updated, so I just connected our Sendgrid API and will be testing this over the next week. Sorry to hear @rnwolfe is having the same issues.

I’ll comment back after a few days of testing to be sure that this results in instant emails or not.

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@adrian-fyncom I can confirm that after adding a custom provider emails are received instantly.

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Thanks @apomarinov, I’m seeing the same thing on my end. Sendgrid works instantly for me. So that is the solution for any future lost souls searching for answers.

Update your email provider on each tenant.

Sendgrid works fine
Amazon SES is questionable according to @rnwolfe’s post here.

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Thanks for providing extra insight @apomarinov and @adrian-fyncom!

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