Batch send of emails after an hour of waiting

I have a problem with sending auth0 emails. (verification/change password emails)
Usually, they came fairly quickly, but since yesterday they are sent all at once every hour (or more than an hour).

I would be grateful for any help in solving this problem.

Hi @volodymyr.rybak,

Please ensure you are using a custom email provider, as Auth0’s built-in provider has been causing some latency. The built-in provider is for testing only.

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Thank you @dan.woda , it definitely could solve my problem, but also I would like to understand why this issue occurs
(Maybe another solution exists)
I found information about Auth0’s built-in email provider restrictions and the only one of them seems appropriate for such delays, it’s bounce rate limits.
But I use this auth0 account only for application in testing so I’m not sure that bounce rate could be enough height for reducing or blocking the ability to send emails.
Could these delays be caused by another restriction?


There is currently some increased latency with the built-in email provider.

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@dan.woda ,
Now this makes sense, thank you so much!

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No problem!

Please let us know if you have any other questions.

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