Registration mails sent late, even hours laters

The mails for email verification are sent very late, even hours later. Does anyone know what may be the cause for it? We have observed this behavior in the past days continuously, so it is not something temporarily

Hi @masernet , welcome to the community!

Have you checked your email provider’s logs? This may provide some useful hints as to what is going wrong and help see where in the flow the delay is occurring, as if they are eventually being sent it is more likely the delay is happening after Auth0 has sent it to the email provider.

If you are using the Auth0 built-in provider, please note this isn’t designed for production use and has serious limitations:

We’re actually facing the same problem in the development environment. We’re in the process of evaluating whether to switch to Auth0 and while before Christmas e-mails were delivered almost instantly, we now only receive them in a batch once per hour, exactly at xx:02. The logs in the dashboard don’t hint at any problem and of course, we only request a couple so it shouldn’t be any type of rate-limiting.
This unfortunately makes debugging and testing the product really difficult.

Experiencing a similar problem. And it’s random as well.