Verification email delays

I’m using email and password signup with auth0.js v7.6.1 and us region. After signed up today, a email is to be sent with delay of dozens of minutes or a couple of hours.

I’ve tried to send emails from dashboard to some email address, but it tuned out to be the same result after all. I’ve sent emails to gmail and yahoo domains and they don’t have any delay of email from other services.

I’ve never come across those symptoms so far, even yesterday. Are there any troubles or this could temporarily happen?

It seems some issues around email but now the services run correctly.

I am having the same issue. This has been happening for the past week or so.

I am currently having the same issue - it’s consistently been happening for about 3 weeks now. We are building a product that uses passwordless login so this will be unacceptable once we launch.

For the past couple of weeks, I have no issues related this. I thought this could have been settled… I agree if this happens in production, this should be critical ;-(

I’m getting the same issue too, and changed my email provider to Mailgun. My emails are arriving instantly now. I’m sure any of the other email providers will work fine too. Might be an issue with Auth0 mail servers.

I’ve tried it right now. As you guys said, I’m having the same issue again…

We are experiencing this on password reset emails as well. Is there any word from Auth0 regarding status or handling of this?

If you don’t config your own SMTP provider you can experience this delays in all kind of emails.

The default provider (Auth0’s) is limited only for testing (since has limit for sending emails per minute, among others) , If you try to use it in a production environment your emails can be delayed (As it says, here:

To avoid this delays, set up your own SMTP provider (Configure External SMTP Email Providers)