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I accidentally updated the “Change Password” email template and now it looks very different from how it looked before.

Here’s how it looked before:

and here’s how it looks now:

The most frustrating part is that I didn’t make any real changes to the email template! I simply typed a space character by accident, then deleted it, and clicked the “Save” button.

I tried clicking the “Reset” button, but it did nothing since I already deleted the space character I added accidentally.

Seems that there’s some default template that is stored internally, and then any change, even the slightest, overrides that internal template forever, without an option to reset.

I’d really like to reset this template since the default one looks much better!

One possible solution is for Auth0 to provide the source code for the default email templates, which would allow us to at least revert to the default templates, even if with some extra code.

Here are some other relevant topics:

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Hi @eyalch ,

Welcome to the Auth0 Community!

I understand that you want to revert to the default “Change Password” email template. This observation could be related to the Custom Email Template enabled in your tenant.

Could you check this topic and try the attached scripts?

Hope this helps!

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Hi @lihua.zhang,

I actually saw the topic you linked to, just forgot to list it in my post above.

In any case, this topic doesn’t help much. The “attached scripts” you refer to that are mentioned in a comment are not good enough, IMO. Here’s the link for reference: tutorials/2022/06/auth0-liquid-tester at master · willianantunes/tutorials · GitHub

This link contains a views directory with Liquid templates for the various email templates in Auth0. Let’s take my case as an example, which is the “Change Password” email. Here’s the template for it in the repo: tutorials/reset_email.liquid at master · willianantunes/tutorials · GitHub

Notice that this file contains texts in Portuguese and some specific images. I could go over it and try to understand what’s relevant and what isn’t, but this is too much work. This is obviously not good.

As @max7 mentioned in his comment:

Also, it would be nice to have all these templates in a repo (or via a “reset” button).

I agree with him that there should be an official repo with all the default templates, or, as both of us have mentioned, have the “Reset” button actually reset the template to the default one.

Hi @eyalch ,

I completely understand your concern about “Reset” button not resetting the template to the default one. As mentioned here, I have passed the feedback to our Product team. They have created a backlog item to make sure the template is consistent regardless of the email provider.

Regarding the scripts, have you got a chance to try the scripts attached in my email sent to @max7 here?

Hi @lihua.zhang,

I missed this link in the topic you linked to! I now tried updating the “Change Password” template to the HTML in the file you sent and it seems to be working and looking just as it was initially!

Even though this did solve my issue, I’m interested to know whether your response would’ve been different if the issue was related to another email template, i.e., not the “Change Password” email.

As I said previously, the ideal solution would be to have the “Reset” button working. Still, in the meantime, I think a much easier solution (at least for you guys) would be to provide a repository with all the default email templates.

Also, it may be worth warning users before letting them update any of the email templates, so maybe some hint/warning or prompt in the UI could be helpful. I’ll be more careful with the other templates and will try my best to not update them!

Thank you very much!

Hi @eyalch ,

Appreciate your feedback regarding the default email template repository and the warning message. :+1: I will pass them along with the original feedback to our Product team.

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