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Is it possible to return the emails to the default template that they start with? My expectation was that the code in the “Message” section was the same as the default email that is sent out, but it’s entirely different. Now that it’s saved there’s no way to change it back. “Reset” simply gives me the original code that was in the “Message” section. Is there anyway to turn off the custom email template or is there anywhere that I can find the code for the original templates?

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Yep as you said the reset option gives you the original message that was in the message section and that works for all the templates. Not sure what you mean by turning off custom email templates. I guess the only way to find the code for the original templates is to use the reset button there.

I have the same issue. Let’s take the “Verification Email (using Link)” as an example.

By default – i.e. before customizing the template – the email has a heading of “Verify Your Account” on a black background, with an orange “Verify your account” button.

However, when you look at the template, “Verify your account” is nowhere to be found in the template code. This indicates that the template shown in Auth0 admin is not actually being used for the emails.

If you edit the template code (for example, just add a space at the end of the template) and save, your emails now look completely different because now they DO use the template code.

Keeping with the “Verification Email (using Link)” example, that email will now have a “Welcome to {{ }}!” heading with a “Confirm my account” link. This makes sense, since that’s whats in the custom template.

However, it seems there is no way to go back to the original “Verify Your Account” template, since that template’s code is not shown in the UI.

It seems like the template code shown in the UI is not in sync with the default templates. How can we go back to the default templates? (Or, ideally, get the code for them?)

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