How to customize new universal login password reset page conditionally

I see there are several similar topics, but all either don’t have an answer or have the user confusing new universal login with classic login.

I am implementing invitation logic for our appication, more or less following this guide. I have been able to do everything but customizing the password reset page to appear as a create password page.

The tutorial seems to assume using classic login, however we are using the new universal login. Therefore I cannot just go to dashboard > branding > universal login and switch on the “Customize Password Reset Page” as this will override the universal login experience.

I have also tried customizing the template through auth0 cli using auth0 branding templates update, however I am only presented templates for login, mfa and signup.

Any help how can I make the reset password page appear as a set password page conditionally using the #invite url parameter as trigger?

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Hi, I’m trying to do exactly the same. I built our first version of invitation using the classical login and using this guide as well. It’s working like a charm.

Now I would like to migrate this service toward new login experience, and I’m getting the same issues.
My first try is to execute some javascript to get a fragment url, but it seems impossible to execute js with this new templating.

Any help on the matter would be appreciated.

I too am looking for something along these lines, will post my own.

Our user’s find it a little UX unfriendly when typing in their password for the first time, and there is no ‘confirm password’ check. We are using the Organization features and everything works great, but I would love to ask the community if this is possible right now to implement while using the Universal Login ‘plug and play’ feature.

We are trying to setup a flow where upon clicking the invitation link, they are prompted to set a new password and then re-type the password to verify no mistype occurred.

Either i’m missing a toggle button in the console, or do I need to curl something to your backend to change this?

Thanks in advance.