Customizing New Universal Login screens with URL parameters (for email invitations to signup)

Hi all (and paging @dan.woda!),

I’m at the final step of implementing our Auth0-based authentication and am needing to customize the reset password screen so users we have been provisioned can follow a password change ticket link and finish their account setup by setting a password.

As per this article about sending email invitations for application signup, we’re passing hash parameters with the ticket link in order to detect whether the screen should be a “set password to finish setting up account” or “reset my password” but I can’t figure out how these can be consumed within the template and customize the prompts accordingly.

I gather from this post a year ago that using classic universal login may be the only solution but is this still the case? I’ve already implemented customizations across the rest of the new universal login templates and customizing the prompts based on the URL parameters on the set password screen is the last piece of the puzzle.

Thanks for any help,