User invitation flow - customize change password screen

Hello, our Auth0 tenant is configured to be invite-only. Following the Auth0 documentation I see it’s recommended to use the “change password” flow to invite users:

  1. Create the user via API
  2. Send an “invite” e-mail using the “change password email template” via API
  3. User lands on the universal login page for “changing/resetting password”

Step 2 is customized into an “invite email” using email_verified. As it’ll first be verified once the user sets a password, this works fine.

But how can we make sure the user lands on an invite screen, instead of the change password screen? Using universal login you can not customize it.

The guide says to add a #type=invite param to the password reset ticket URL, but I don’t see that changing anything.

I wonder why the invite-flow isn’t an integrated part of Auth0, when you’re not using organisations. Why is it recommended to use ‘change password’ screen for invites?! Can’t you use the “User Invitation” email template?

These post asks similar questions, but no answers yet.

hi – I’ve recently discovered that you can use this approach Dynamic password reset page based on query params - #4 by chinds to read the suggested #type=invite parameter within the page

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Thank you a lot for sharing that with the rest of community!

Thank you. Getting closer… So to summarize…

  1. The #type=invite param contains no magic from Auth0
  2. You’re supposed to adapt the “password reset” screen into a “signup” screen yourself by detecting the query param with JavaScript and customize the reset password widget texts.

Two issues with this:

  1. As soon as you start to customize it, Auth0 switches from universal login to the old UI, which looks very outdated
  2. It doesn’t redirect to the app URL anymore
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