When inviting a user how can I BOTH (a) customize Password Reset page AND (b) redirect after they set password?


I am following the Send Email Invitations for Application Signup guide and have it generally working but I have hit a confusing issue when I customize the wording on the Password Reset UI/page as that guide suggests in this section. I want to use different wording for an invite vs a normal password change usage.

If in Branding > Universal Login > Advanced Options > Password Reset:

1. I turn ON Customize Password Reset Page

Then I can control the wording on the reset page (using the approach in this post, but after successful password reset the invited user is NOT redirected, but just shown a box with tick and “Your password has been reset successfully.”

2. I turn OFF Customize Password Reset Page

Then I obviously cannot control the wording on the page, but after successful password reset the invited user IS redirected correctly.

So I can either have:

  • confusing wording for invited users and have redirection after password is set
  • OR correct wording but no redirect after they set password

I am using clientId in the creation of the Change Password Ticket since that is described as what is required for redirection. I am not using the redirect_uri since the docs say this is for Classic Login

I suspect there is some interaction between universal login and this setup. That when I customise it is treating the whole process as classic login and not following the redirection logic described

The confusing thing is that your guide describes customising the Universal Login password reset page as part of the invitation solution without noting that this breaks the redirection it also describes.

I’ve seen lots of posts which seem similar to this issue but could not find any solution.

Think this is similar to these:



Having the exact same issue. Unfortunately I haven’t found any solution yet.

Does anyone have any updates or leads on resolving this? I’m running into the same problem.