Customizing Password Reset UI

I want to send a user invite email, as outlined in this article: Send Email Invitations for Application Signup. It says, "Once the user clicks the link in the invitation they will be brought to the Universal Login Password Reset page where they will set a password for their account. Since this page is used both for the forgot password workflow and for your user invitations, you will want to use the query parameters you defined earlier to identify the invite workflow and customize the UI accordingly. " They define the query parameters as adding the tags #type=invite at the end of the URL that is sent to the user to set their password. However, there is no mention of how to access the query parameter in the Customizing Password Reset UI page: Customize Password Reset Page.

How do you customize the password reset page using the query parameter that is added to the ticket URL?

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Hi Support - I’m sitting with the same question: it’d be cool to know how to take advantage of that parameter :+1: