Dynamically modify Password Reset UI

I am following the steps in Send Email Invitations for Application Signup to allow sending email invitations to users. I’ve customized my Password Reset Email to look different depending on if it’s a real “password reset” or more of a “welcome email” using Liquid syntax in my email template.

I have everything working up until the last part - customizing the Password Reset UI based on use case. Here’s what the docs say:

Once the user clicks the link in the invitation they will be brought to the Universal Login Password Reset page where they will set a password for their account. Since this page is used both for the forgot password workflow and for your user invitations, you will want to use the query parameters you defined earlier to identify the invite workflow and customize the UI accordingly. To learn more, read Customize Password Reset Page.

However the linked page describes the Classic flow only.

I see that the New Flow uses Prompts to fill in the text on the page. How can I customize these prompts based on the query parameters mentioned in the quote above? Do Prompts support Liquid syntax for if/else etc?