Email template customization for reset password | for Database username/password


My closest related topic here is this one : Sending password change email instead of verification email for a new user

However the Auth0 documention says here :
You cannot make customizations conditional based on the Application ID (client_id).

So the solution seems to me obsolete, and I need to find a new one.

Anyone has found a way to customize the password reset template using a post-register hook?

So that when a user clicks on “reset my password” he receives a normal email to reset his password, and when I manually creates his account, the reset email adds a welcoming paragraph.

Hi @guillim,

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You can use liquid syntax to make conditional modification to the Change Password email based on user.logins_count. It could looks something like the following:

{% if user.logins_count == 0 %}
      Welcome new user, change your password....
{% else %}
      Confirm the password change...
{% endif %}

Here is a link to our docs with more information about using liquid syntax in email templates: Customize Email Templates

Hope this helps!



I ended up creating a custom Action in the Post-signup Flow. And using a dedicated template i created on my email provider.

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