Custom "dbconnections/change_password" or some alternative?

hi everyone!

is possible change something when change_password? I am trying to use dbconnections/change_password so then the user can create a password, but I don’t understand how to customize even the language of this email template.


see Authentication API Explorer

POST https://YOUR_DOMAIN/dbconnections/change_password
Content-Type: application/json
  "client_id": "YOUR_CLIENT_ID",
  "email": "EMAIL",
  "connection": "CONNECTION",

Things to check:

  • HTTP method is POST
  • Content-Type HTTP header is application/json
  • client_id needs to be a valid client ID from an Auth0 application
  • connection needs to be same connection as the user specified e.g. “Username-Password-Authentication” - you can find this out by searching for the user in the Auth0 web portal: One Cognizant
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Thanks for sharing that!


thank you very much for your answer
I tried using “dbconnections/change_password” from “actions” “post user register” in auth0, so my question was rather to confirm the possibility of making changes to the email sent to the user.

I understand that “it is not possible and there are no alternatives” from your answer
, thanks for your time

You can customize the email templates within the Auth0 tenant dashboard under “Branding” → “Email Templates”. Once you are on this page, select “Change Password” under “Templates” dropdown.

More information can be found here:

Specifically this section (“Subject” and “Message body”) mentions how to add multilingual support in the email templates


that’s what I was looking for and I already understood that I had to choose the correct url and client id to see it

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