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Customize password reset email triggered from /dbconnections/change_password



Is it possible to customize the password reset email triggered by the endpoint /dbconnections/change_password?

It doesn’t appear to use the “Change Password” template in emails.


I did a quick test and could not reproduce the described situation. Have in mind that in order for customization to take effect you must configure a custom email provider. Any customization will not be honored if you’re using the default email provider meant only for quick tests.

If this is the case you should be seeing a warning when you go to templates section:

WARNING! You are using the Auth0 Email Provider which is only intended for development/trial use. Any customizations made to this email template will NOT take effect until a Custom Email Provider is configured.

If you’re already using a custom email provider then update your question with more information including type of customization being done and any other information you think may be relevant.