Problems invoking dbconnections/change_password

I am trying to call this endpoint from Postman:
In the body I pass
“client_id”: “”,
“email”: “my email address>”,
“connection”: “Username-Password-Authentication”
And the response returned is
“statusCode”: 404,
“error”: “Not Found”,
“message”: “Not Found”
I have double checked both client id and email. Any idea what I’m doing wrong?

Hi @this-andy ,

Welcome back to the Auth0 Community!

I tested change password endpoint with postman and did not see any issues. Here is a screenshot.

The endpoint is https://YOUR_DOMAIN/dbconnections/change_password. I noticed your endpoint includes api/v2. Could you remove it and give it a try?

Please let me know if any other queries. Thanks!

Hi, thanks for the quick response. Your suggestion was correct - it was the ‘/api/v2’ that was causing the problem. Worked fine without that.
Thanks again