How to create two different password reset templates?

Is it possible to create two different password reset templates with different content so that one can be used for signup and other for password reset flow?


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I understand that you would like to customize two different password reset templates.

Unfortunately, this is not possible, and you must resort to using one Password Reset Template.

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Although there is only one password reset template for each tenant as @rueben.tiow stated, you can use Liquid Syntax to customize the password reset template based on applications. The common variables you can use in the email templates to customize the templates are and application.clientID.

So, for example, you can then send the password reset emails via the Authentication API /dbconnections/change_password endpoint, passing in the client_id based on whether the user has signed up (application #1) or if the user is using the default password reset flow (application #2)

You’ll need to figure out how you’ll be sending these password reset emails to the user to pass in the different client_id parameter, either through some backend application or via an Auth0 Rule/Action, etc. But this will give you an idea of some workarounds ( and will require you to create additional applications in your tenant )

In the email, the template would look something like

{% if application.clientID == 'SIGNUP_CLIENT_ID' %}
    // User Signup customization here
{% else %}
    // Password Reset Flow customization here
{% endif %}

More info here: Customize Email Templates

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