Customise Password Reset Template For Multiple Clients

I am getting really stuck trying to customise the Password Reset Template page in “Hosted Pages”.
I need to change the template based on the Client ID. I have 2 different clients using the same Auth0 account so the templates need to branded differently.
In the login page, the Client ID is exposed so this is easy but for the password reset page this is not the case, or is it?

Another suggestion I have seen is using the application metadata to create a rule but how do I access this through the template page?

Any advise on this, or solutions around this issue would be much appreciated.

Hey there @andrew.stead, sadly that page doesn’t receive a client id so you can’t customize based on that. From our support team they see the only other alternative is to generate password reset url by calling the management api and send an email to the end-user’s email inbox. Thanks!

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Hi James,
Thanks for the reply. That’s true, it’s a shame as the ClientId allows you to do quite a lot with very little but you just can’t access that variable in many of the customisable screens

It seems the best alternative is to look into ‘Multiple Tenants’, I can then assign Applications to each of these and customise them accordingly without any overlapping

Hey @andrew.stead I would recommend going that route as well. In fact, we have documentation related to that below. Please let me know if you have any future questions!

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