Are there plans to ever support Application ID on hosted password reset page?

We have multiple clients and have configured multiple applications. For their users that need to reset their password, it’s essential that we display the correct logo for the appropriate institution. We have configured a “hacky” script that works as long as the application names are not too close to each other.

The process is much smoother in the Email Templates where I can simply reference the specific Application Name. I understand that according to the documentation for the password reset page it is not currently possible to conditionalize customizations based on Application ID.

Are there plans to ever support this concept similar to the way it’s handled with Email Templates?

Hey there @ddmorton!

Thanks a lot for sharing your scenario!

As of now as far as I know we don’t have any plans for this but I’ll make sure to relay that feedback to appropriate team!

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Hello there,

I too am faced with the lack of possibility to customize the Password reset hosted page using applicationId. Makes me wonder how it is different from the login one and is there some explanation for this limitation.

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