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Email on password reset and redirect url: what is {}?



I’m looking through the reset password flow, after testing it with the provided lock example (tiny html file with the needed js).

I saw that you can configure the email and configure where you go after reset via this page:

What I can’t figure out is what {} refers to, because you might be using auth0 for more than one application, and you’d want the user to be returned to the one from which they launched the reset password.


Change Password requests are triggered with a client_id as a parameter - this is mapped to the name of the client, which is available in the email templates as {{}}. Emails, as well as the the Redirect To URLs can be customized using this, or the application.clientID macro, e.g.

{% if application.clientID == "CLIENT1_ID" %}  {% else %}  {% endif %}


Hello @prashant,
Can you please tell me how these macros( {{}}, {{url}} etc) are made available to the email templates?

Can I store any custom URL in the macro {{url}} (available in change password template)?

Or, Can I define my own macro to use in the email templates?