Custmise {{url}} variable in reset password email template

Hi there,

From what I read here:
"In addition to the common variables available for all email templates, the Change Password has the url variable that refers to the URL that the user will have to click. You will use it in the Message field to create a link that the user can follow, as in this example:
'<a href="{{ url }}">Click here to change your password </a>' "

I am wondering where can I customize this url dynamically, as we have many applications in a tenant so will need to configure this ‘url’ variable dynamically to point to their own domains, and in the message body I can’t seem to be able to do this directly like for ’ Redirect To URL’: <a href="{{application.callback_domain}}" >Click here to change your password</a> as it’s not one of the common varaiable? but I couldn’t find descriptions of how we can configure the ‘url’ dynamically or how to access it other than replace {{url}} with a fixed value?


In the email template page, there is an input where you add your redirect URL. You will use the variables directly in this input box. There are some limitations here, so it will depend on what exactly you need.

Does this answer your question?

Hi Dan,
I think what I need is not the redirect url after the action finishes, but how should I configure the ‘url’ variable in the ChangePassword email template that’s been deployed that user have to click, i.e. in the email template, we have a button “Reset you password”, at the moment, I’m using <a href="{{ url }}">Reset your password </a>' , and this will redirect user to the auth0 tenant reset password page where the url points to, but now I would like to somehow configure/access this ‘url’ varaible so that it points to our own doamins, like points to our own customized pages, is that possible?

I think I understand. You have created your own custom pw reset page and would like to point the user to that domain, not the hosted page?

Can you just hard code your URL in the href?