Dynamic Url for Password Reset Email

The docs for email templates describes how you can dynamically set the redirect url for after a password is reset using the liquid syntax.
My question is what should the default value be (the else portion) if you want the dialog to do the same thing it does if you do not fill a value into the redirect url text box? Meaning the password is just changed and no redirect occurs. I tried a blank and a / to no affect

{% if application.name == ‘JWT.io’ %} https://jwt.io {% else %} https://auth0.com {% endif %}

Hi @TMeyer ,

I’m afraid once you start adding redirects, it must redirect somewhere in all cases.

Therefore I would recommend setting the else case to a generic page you control, one with a login button or links to your different applications’ login pages if applicable would probably make the most sense for the end user.


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