Dynamic Redirect To URLs only certain client ids

I try to redirect our customers after the have have resetted their password. When I configure the password reset email template I can set the field ‘Redirect To’ and I have found the ‘Dynamic Redirect To URLs’ documentation.
How du I achive to redirect the customer only for specified clientIds and not redirect him at all if his clientId does not match? I would expect something like this:

{% if application.clientID == ‘clientIdWhichShouldBeRedirected’ %} https://redirectUrl.com/ {% else %} <Don’t redirect> {% endif %} or simply:
{% if application.clientID == ‘clientIdWhichShouldBeRedirected’ %} https://redirectUrl.com/ {% endif %}

But for all other cases but the specified URL it fails after resetting the password.
Thanks for your help.

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