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Is there a way to get application client id, client_metadata in password reset hosted page?


We’ve configured multiple applications and so there are multiple client Ids associated with each & we’re also having client_metadata under each application that we’d like to use in our hosted page.

In Sign-In hosted page, we were able to access it using @@config@@ syntax.
Is there a way to get these details in Reset-Password page as well ?

Note: we went through this link and it doesn’t say how we can access application specific data,

Am I missing something ?

Thanks !


I’m afraid it’s not possible to get any client information on the password reset page at this moment. From the page you linked:

It is currently not possible to conditionalize customizations based on Application ID ( client_id ).

It’s generally a good idea though, especially when you have multiple applications that authenticate with the same Auth0 domain, to think as the Auth0 domain as one entity on its own instead of heavily customize the UI based on the client ID. This helps users understand that the same identity is shared between all your applications (like Google, for instance, showing the same Google sign-in experience even though you log in to Gmail or YouTube).

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