Send Email Invitations for Application Signup

I am following this guide in creating Login with Invitation links but I’m really confused!
As Part of the Universal Login Prompt: Login I can see the following keys.

You’ve Been Invited invitationTitle
Log in to accept {inviterName}'s invitation to join {companyName} on ${clientName}. invitationDescription

How do I get that screen up? In that doc it says
Add a parameter to identify that the UI should represent a set password workflow rather than a change password workflow.
But this is Very unclear what parameter do I need to add to the UI?

Hi @dan.woda I are you able to assist? I have a password reset token from the API what paramater do I need to add to the URL to make Auth0 show it as an invite?

The query parameters are used to customize the password reset UI. The returned URL will have the unique code value that allows the user to set their password followed by a # . For the link to work, you do not want to edit anything before the hash.

Hi @daniel10,

I agree, this doc is a bit unclear; I’ll pass that feedback along to the doc team.

This doc is suggesting you add a parameter to the password reset ticket (URL). You could add something like type=invite after the hash.

Then, write a conditional in your custom password reset page html that changes the page UI to your liking based on that param.

Hi @dan.woda, I’m using the New Universal Login Experience so I can’t create custom password reset pages. How do I do it in the New Universal Login Experience?

You will need to use the Classic login experience for the flow described in the doc you linked.

This page describes how to customize it:

Hi @dan.woda pherharps I mislead you. How do I setup the invite flow on the New Universal Experience?

It looks like that prompt is in relation to invites in the context of Organizations. Specifically these endpoints.

I have seen some discussion of extending this feature to all users, and it may be helpful to have a feature request from you describing your use case.

You can submit one here.

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