Configure Universal Login Page on password-reset

Hi All,

as other users pointed out, I’m having issues on customising the Universal Login Page for what concerns reset-password. I want to use it to allow the user to set its password (because during the invitation flow I’ve set a throwaway password).

I have few questions about this topic.

  • How can I differentiate between passord set because the user forgot it and password set after the invitation?
  • Which are the fields that I can use in the template to suggest the user that it’s going to set its first password?
  • Is there another flow —without using the organisations— to invite a user that I’ve created by directly calling the API?

Thanks in advance for the suggestion.

To address your questions regarding customizing the Universal Login Page for setting a user’s password after an invitation and exploring alternative user invitation flows, please find the following insights:

  1. Differentiating Between Password Set Scenarios:

    • You can differentiate between password set scenarios using contextual information passed during the password reset flow. When initiating the password reset process for the invited user, you can include a custom parameter or flag indicating that the password reset is part of the invitation process. This parameter can be included in the password reset request and utilized in the custom Universal Login Page template to determine the context of the password set.
  2. Fields for First Password Set:

    • In the custom Universal Login Page template, you can utilize custom text or messaging to indicate to the user that they are setting their first password. This can be accomplished by adding descriptive text or labels in the template to guide the user through the process. Additionally, you can consider incorporating visual cues or instructional elements to clearly communicate the purpose of the password set process.
  3. Alternative User Invitation Flow:

    • If you prefer to invite users without using the organizations feature, you can achieve this by directly calling the Auth0 Management API to create and invite users. This involves utilizing the Management API endpoints for user management, including user creation, invitation, and password reset functionalities. By leveraging the Management API, you can customize the user invitation flow according to your specific requirements outside the scope of organizations.

For detailed implementation of these approaches, it is recommended to refer to the official documentation and resources provided by Auth0. Additionally, exploring community forums and support channels can provide valuable insights and best practices shared by other developers who have encountered similar use cases.

By leveraging the flexibility of Auth0’s features and APIs, you can tailor the user invitation and password set processes to align with your application’s specific requirements and user experience goals.