Customize Reset Password New Universal Login


My scenario is similar to this: send-email-invitations-for-application-signup
A user cannot register in app rather invited and I am creating user via management api, creating password change ticket and sending via email from app. When user lands on new universal password change page I want them to see that they are setting password and not changing it. So I need to customize text for invited users. Enabling password reset customization changes the UI which I don’t want.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Hi @adnan .

  • To customize the text prompts of Reset Password, you can take a look at : Customize New Universal Login Text Prompts
  • To customize the UI, let follow up the navigation Branding > Universal Login > Advance Options.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for replying @mj.phong. Am I missing anything here? I tried Auth0 cli but storybook shows only three options:-

Also I want to change text conditionally.

Hi @adnan

I have no experience with Auth0 cli, so I can not give the feedback on that :slight_smile:. I had the same expectation, and it works well with the API to Set custom text for a specific prompt: Auth0 Management API v2