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Hi there,

Because our app needs to support invitations as well as self registrations; we have to set up the Invitations and they work correctly for over a year now.
However, one thing that has always bothered me is the “password reset” page. Following the guide, we have to customize the password reset page.

However, the layout of this custom page is way different than the “standard” New Universal Password Reset page, hence why we didn’t set this up.
Is the CSS of the “standard” page available somewhere? I merely want to check the query parameters and edit the texts to match the intent of the page (setup vs actual reset), but also like it to match the login page for the user’s confidence.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @toby.van.willegen ,

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For the New Universal Login, we can customize the “password reset” page in the same way as updating other login-related pages using the Management API.

PUT https://{your domain}/api/v2/prompts/reset-password/custom-text/en

Here are the sample body scripts

    "reset-password": {
        "title": "Change password",
        "description": "Enter a new password"

Ref: https://auth0.com/docs/customize/universal-login-pages/universal-login-page-templates

Hope this helps! If this is not the page that you want to update, please provide a screenshot of the page. Thanks!

Hi @lihua.zhang,

Yes, I know I can change static text, but I would like to change this dynamically, based on the query parameters, as stated in the Auth0 guide.
For this, I need to edit the page, but the layout is way different from the “New Universal Login” screen.
Therefore, I asked if this CSS was available.

Hi @toby.van.willegen ,

For the New Universal Login, the only supported CSS customization is about the logo.

I don’t have the CSS of the standard page. Not sure if anyone has it. Here is the list of page template variables. Is that what you need?

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