Migrating toward new login experience

Hi there,

I’m trying to start a migration of the new login experience. I started the project with the classical one, I built our own invitation process through this tutorial Send Email Invitations for Application Signup ( I adapted it a little).
I’m a bit stuck continuing the migration.

My issue:

  • Before the password reset screen was browser executer, I could inject javascript to detect the url and conditionally display a different text if it’s a reset password or an invitation screen.
  • Today, with liquid executed server side, I can’t seem to be able to detect the url (Which is essential to run my rendering conditionally).

I see I’m not the only one encountering these issues How to customize new universal login password reset page conditionally.

Can you give me some insight on this ? I have strong requirement to migrate, and I want to find a way to do it.

@lihua.zhang any help on the matter ?