New Universal Login - Reset Password template to use it for Resetting Password and User Invites, dynamically

Hello, as we are searching for answers on this one inside the community, we came across the solution like this but we decided to use the New Universal Login instead of using the classic. to make the app uniformed at all angle.

Is there any solution for this using the New Universal Login templates?

if there is, Kindly put the link below for us to see if it fits on our use case. Thanks!

Hi @aapawan

Welcome to the Auth0 Community!

Thank you for posting your question, The mentioned functionality can be achieved with Customized New Universal Login Pages.

You can customize the New Universal Login pages by providing a page template using the Liquid template language. To learn more about Liquid, read the Introduction to Liquidon Github. You can update the ULP templates only using the Management API. This capability can only be used if the tenant has Custom Domains enabled.

Page templates let you define the content displayed around the Universal Login widgets (for example: the Login box, the MFA box). The same template is used for all pages, helping you implement a consistent, branded login experience with less effort.


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