Email Flow in Auth0

Last Updated: Jun 7, 2024


This article will describe how the email flow works within Auth0 and how to start troubleshooting if an error is received.


Auth0 sends the email to the provider, and the custom email provider is responsible for delivering it to the end user.

Check out the video or steps below.

Check the logs to determine what event code is being received.

  1. Go to Dashboard > Monitoring > Logs.
  2. Click on the type name (i.e. Failed Sending Notification).

NOTE: fn > Failed Sending Notification > Failed to send email notification

  1. The details object property in “fn” logs usually contains the response received from the provider; it could help clarify why the delivery to the provider failed.

“date”: XXXXXXX

“type”: “fn”,

“details”: {

“error”: “Authenticated user is not authorized to send mail”

  • If a Success Change Password Request (scpr) is seen in the logs but not a Failed Sending Notification (fn) after it, the custom email provider received the email.

  • If an email is not delivered to the end user, but the “scpr” is seen in the logs and not a Failed Sending Notification (fn), use the timestamp from the “scpr” log and reach out to the provider to further troubleshoot.

Here are a few example messages that may be received from providers and how to resolve those issues.

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