Verification emails sent as it looks in the logs, but not received by users

Some users do not receive verification emails and emails to reset their password.
Tried both, internal auth0 SMTP and SendGrid SMTP. Emails cannot be find in spam. Tried accounts on different email providers and it is unpredictable on when it fails.

We have set up to send a Verification email when registering a new user, but some few users do not receive the verification emails and / or emails to reset their passwords.
There are no logs that the mail transmission failed (only Success verification email sent).

We have few users that are not able to login dt this issue and can you suggest the way to resolve this?

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Hi @tatiana ,

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If the auth0 logs shows the emails was sent successfully, could you please check the logs in Sendgrid and see if any errors.

For your reference, here are a couple of FAQs and topics with the similar issue.