Email Received With Delay

Problem Statement:

Some users reported that password login code emails are received with delay or are lost.


Emails created from Auth0 will be sent to the email provider server and then to the users.

Your tenant has the Custom Email Provider implemented. By checking the tenant logs, the emails were sent out from Auth0 successfully without delay.

Here are a few suggestions for debugging this type of issue:

  1. Make sure that you have SPF and DKIM configured, otherwise you run the risk of email being quarantined
  2. Check the email provider logs if any errors are reported on that side.
  3. Ask the recipients to check their Spam folders
  4. If email is destined for a corporate email account or via a cloud provider ( e.g. ) , these often have very aggressive malware and spam filtering policies. Here is how it works for Office 365, though other providers will have similar email firewalls in place: