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Hello there,

We have an application authenticated with passwordless but from this morning the emails were not received by anybody, and viewing in logs there aren’t errors reported all emails appeared as sent.

We tried using SendGrid but didn’t work either. Sometimes those emails are delayed an hour but they are already expired.


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Have you set up a custom email provider?

Hi, there.

I’m facing exactly the same issue in one of my tenants which is not using a custom email provider. It was working fine until last Friday, but from today morning the emails are not being received. Some of them arrived after 1 hour, but the OTP code were already expired.


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We are having the same issue. No email is being sent. Logs are clean with no errors.

We are facing the same issue as well. Emails are delayed by an hour.

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Thanks for the added info.

Would you please send me the name of the affected tenant in a DM?

edit: This could be a result of using the built-in Auth0 email provider. This provider is for testing only and is not intended for production use. Please set up your own email provider if you have yet to do so.

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Thanks, @dan.woda, We are still in test/evaluation mode and yes we are using the built-in Auth0 email provider.

We will try to set up a custom SMTP server but just checking why built-in Auth0 suddenly stopped working.


It looks like it is possible there was some additional latency with the built-in provider.

For testing I would recommend this approach:

@dan.woda , so we did change to a custom SMTP server and use Auth0 test email ( we use Gmail G Suite ), it works but still, our passwordless code is not coming through the email.


I configured already the custom email provider (SendGrid) and it start working again.

it’s very suspicious because the emails arrived after 1 hour.

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To confirm, you are still experiencing latency with a custom provider?

yes, we are still having issues with our custom SMTP provider. Let us know if there is any information I can provide.

No, with custom providers we do not have long latency. So, We’re using SendGrid custom provider

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It seems that using a custom provider has solved this issue. I am going to close this topic, if you have seperate issues please open a new topic.

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If you are having issues with your custom email provider, please join this thread: