Passwordless Login Stopped sending emails

Around 5:30 EST PM today, auth0 stopped sending emails for passwordless login. Nothing to my knowledge could have changed in the auth0 settings. Logs show that Code/Link Sent is a success.

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Same for one of our tenants, others are fine. Following.

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Hey there @alexander.andrews and @joshua5, welcome to the community!

Are either of you by chance using the built-in email provider in a production environment? Please see:

Let us know if that is not the case.

Hi @tyf, in my case, the tenant that is not working is not a prod env, actually our prod env is working fine

Actually we are receiving it, just takes 2-5 mins, by then otp has expired. Temporarily set expiry to a higher time.

Was in development mode, using the default built-in email. At 8:50 PM a bunch of previous attempts started coming in.

Thanks for confirming @alexander.andrews and @joshua5!

Just to be clear, the described behavior is expected for the built-in email provider. It should only be used for testing for reasons outlined in the documentation shared previously.


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