Passwordless emails stopped being received

So the logs show that the email was sent, first we saw them go to spam, as of yesterday we stopped receiving the code email all together.

We dont use a custom email provider and we didnt change anything as of recently.


We have noticed the same issue in our dev tenant, which uses Auth0 Email Provider . Since yesterday, we have not received emails with the OTP (checked in Spam/Junk).

We use Authentication API to start a passwordless flow and receive a successful response. The Auth0 log shows no errors, just the notifications the code/link has been sent.

Would appreciate any idea of what is causing this.

We found the root of the issue in our case. Email messages with OTP were marked as “phishing” and placed into quarantine by our Mail Server (Microsoft Exchange).
@dev52 Maybe it makes sense to check the same on your side.