Code/Link sent in logs but email has not arrived

I have passwordless setup for my Application. The OTP code email has been working fine for the past few months, I haven’t changed anything and today I am suddenly not getting the emails.

Logs are below:

  "date": "2023-10-13T02:08:00.748Z",
  "type": "cls",
  "description": "",
  "connection": "email",
  "connection_id": "",
  "client_id": "",
  "client_name": "MAAM Tools Portal",
  "ip": "zzz",
  "user_agent": "Chrome 118.0.0 / Windows 10.0.0",
  "details": {
    "link": "yyy",
    "body": {
      "client_id": "",
      "connection": "email",
      "email": "",
      "send": "code",
      "is_signup": true,
      "tenant": "dev-xxx",
      "transaction": {
        "id": "",
        "locale": "en",
        "protocol": "oidc-basic-profile",
        "requested_scopes": [
        "acr_values": [x],
        "ui_locales": [],
        "redirect_uri": "zzz",
        "prompt": [],
        "state": "",
        "login_hint": null,
        "response_mode": null,
        "response_type": [
      "request_language": "en-US,en;q=0.7"
    "authentication_methods": [
  "user_id": "",
  "user_name": "",
  "strategy": "email",
  "strategy_type": "passwordless",
  "log_id": "",
  "_id": "",
  "isMobile": false,
  "id": ""
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Hi @serena.xu,

Welcome to the Auth0 Community!

Are you using a custom email provider? If so, have you checked your email provider’s logs to see if they are successfully making it to the provider?

Hey @dan.woda thanks for the reply, no I am not… I’m using the test email provider as my team using this app is very small. I was wondering if that had hit a limit causing the emails not to come through?

Very possible. The test email provider is not for use in a production environment. You should set up a custom email provider.

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